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criminal defense attorney bowling greenSerious criminal charges demand an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Your freedom, your assets, your job and career are at stake.  When you are accused of a committing a serious crime, you need the best criminal defense attorney available.  Skip Potter understands the law and has a proven track record of fighting to protect your rights and freedom.

To schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your legal matter or situation, please call Skip at 419.353.7547, or 419.353.SKIP.

Located in Bowling Green, Ohio, the law office of Skip Potter, defends individuals in state and federal court throughout Northwest Ohio.  If you reside in the Bowling Green, Findlay, Napoleon, Perrysburg, or other areas of Northwest Ohio, you have close access to one of the more revered and established criminal defense attorneys in the region.

The Law office of Albert L. Potter II has one of the highest rates of success in criminal defense with over 30 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney of your constitutional rights and freedom.  Skip Potter will take the time to explain the law and the criminal defense process to you.  For additional information about us and the benefits of retaining the services of this office, please visit our Firm Overview page.

The Law office of Albert L. Potter II offers a wide range of defenses of state and federal criminal charges, including the following:

The consequences of being convicted of a violation of Ohio’ drug laws can be serious. Conviction can lead to jail time in state or local prison, probation, child custody problems, treatment programs, large fines, the inability to hold or obtain a job, community service requirements, eviction from house or apartment, or deportation. Mandatory sentences may apply. It is important to defend yourself and your rights by retaining a Criminal defense attorney knowledgeable about drug crime charges. Contact Potter Law Office today for a expert drug defense attorney, if you are charged with any of the following drug charges:

    • Drug trafficking
    • Possession of drug paraphernalia
    • Possession of a controlled substance:
      • Marijuana
      • Cocaine
      • Heroin
      • Methamphetamine
      • Ecstasy
      • Possession with intent to deliver
      • Manufacture of a controlled substance
      • Cultivation of drugs
  • White Collar Crime:

You have no duty to participate in any criminal investigation of which you are a subject or target. You have an absolute right to consult a Criminal defense lawyer before providing a potentially incriminating statement to any law enforcement officer. Skip Potter can take steps during the investigation stage of any case that may avoid an arrest or greatly influence the ultimate outcome of any criminal prosecution. If you are looking at some serious criminal penalties, you would want to speak to the best criminal defense attorney. Contact us today for a free confidential consultation!

    • Embezzlement
    • Fraud
    • Money Laundering
    • Mortgage Fraud
    • Insurance Fraud
  • Theft:
    • Receiving stolen property
    • Car theft
    • Welfare fraud
    • Illegally claiming government benefits
    • Filing false insurance claims
    • Identity theft
    • Burglary
    • Embezzlement
    • Forgery
  • Sex Crimes
    • Sexual Assault
    • Child Molestation
    • Computer Sex Crimes and Child Pornography
    • Forcible Rape and Date Rape
    • Public Sexual Indecency and Lewd Acts
  • Assault and Domestic Violence
    • Simple assault
    • Assault and battery
    • Aggravated assault and battery
    • Stalking and harassment
    • Restraining order violations
  • Weapons and Gun Charges
    • possession of a weapon after certain felony convictions
    • sale of guns to a minor
    • illegal sale or transfer of guns
    • carrying a concealed weapon without a permit


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