Potter Law Client Testimonials

“I was referred to Skip by a friend of mine in early 2012. I was told he was a good lawyer and would do well with my case. My friend was right. We went to court in May of 2012 and settled a custody case fairly easy. Both the mother of my daughter and I decided on an equal time sharing plan but left her with the custodial parent. Both parents were satisfied at that time. In Feb of 2013 the mother of my daughter filed a false protection order against me. Skip represented me in the case and he prepared an amazing file that had the judge stunned. Skip had caught my daughter’s mom and her mom in so many lies under oath that the judge had no choice but to rule in my favor and dismiss the case.

 The most recent case, I wanted full custody due to the neglect and lack of time my daughter’s mom was spending time with her. Skip told me I had to have evidence if I wanted full custody. So I documented everything that had happened since May of 2012 in case I ever wanted to go back for full custody. I retrieved every piece of evidence I could off of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I turned over my evidence to Skip in November of 2013. Skip had a guardian appointed. The guardian came out and inspected both of our houses and gave his conclusion in May of 2014. His first proposal was shared parenting and equal time with each parent. I was not satisfied with that and neither was Skip. So we rejected the proposal and my daughter’s mom accepted it. We then had to go to court for a hearing since we could not agree with the guardian. I met with Skip several times before the hearing, going over our case. Skip had me prepped and ready for the hearing. He had prepared a portfolio with all of my evidence and gave a copy to the Magistrate, the Guardian, and her lawyer. There were 14 exhibits he had prepared. Such as, Exhibit 12, Picture 3. We went through the entire portfolio and nailed every point we wanted to make. When Skip was questioning my daughter’s mom, he had her so flustered and uncomfortable. She actually admitted to not making choices in the best interest of our daughter and not being stable also stating that I was a great dad. I recently received the papers from the court ruling in my favor with me as the sole residential and custodial parent.

      I am a 26 year old male and now I have full custody of my 4 year old daughter. I could not be happier; I also could not have done it without Skip. I have won every case I have gone into with Skip and if I ever need an attorney again, I am sure I will call up Skip.”

-James Z.-

“Skip and I met when I was falsely accused of child sexual abuse. The indictment had multiple felony charges, including a charge of rape with a life imprisonment specification. Skip spent countless hours with my wife and me during the months of this prosecution. Skip got to know my wife and me personally. We felt he really cared. He was attentive to our needs and placed us front and center. Skip investigated our case and fully understood the prosecutor’s case, including the problems and inconsistencies in the medical evidence that appeared to suggest child sexual abuse.”

During the months of litigation I observed Skip challenge the prosecutor at every step. I observed the many motions that were filed on my behalf. I was present at many pre-trial hearings in the Common Pleas where Skip challenged the prosecutor and the evidence. It was obvious during this litigation that Skip was the one in charge. I found Skip to be dependable, straightforward and very candid with us. His knowledge of the law, his preparation, and his courtroom presence were outstanding. His cross examination skills are remarkable.”

“My case was tried in the Wood County Common Pleas Court. The trial lasted one week. I was found not guilty on each count, including the offense of life rape. I feel Skip saved my life.”


“I retained Skip to represent me on a felony charge for the possession of cocaine. Skip was honest and straightforward with me. Skip took the time to listen to me. At the beginning of my representation, his assessment of my case and my available defenses was accurate. Skip filed a motion to suppress the evidence in my case. A hearing was held in the Wood County Common Pleas Court. I thought Skip’s courtroom demeanor was superb. Skip was successful. My case was dismissed with no plea bargaining. Skip did a great job for me.”

-Bill M.-

“Albert (Skip) Potter, II has been our attorney for over twenty years. He is a conscience person that takes helping his clients the same as he would his own family. He is very knowledgeable on the laws and how best to assist his clients. If you ask him a question and he doesn’t know the answer he tells you. But he also takes the extra step to find out the answer. That is a very unique quality in today’s practice of law.”

“We have retained Skip Potter for cases from traffic court, criminal court through civil court and many other things in between. He always treats you with dignity and respect no matter what your problem is. His clients always come first and he is always available to answer any and all questions. He always returns clients calls. He never leaves you out in the cold wondering what is going on.”

“If anyone asks us if we know a good attorney, our answer is always we know a great attorney, Albert (Skip) Potter II.”

-Mike and Nancy Boggs-

“I became acquainted with Skip Potter through my parent’s recommendation. I have to say that it was the one time listening to my parents was the right thing to do. I was a juvenile the first time I retained Skip. He always treated me as an equal instead of a kid. He explained everything he did or was going to do to help me. I was impressed and grateful for everything he did to help me. It did not matter whether I was at fault or not at fault. I was treated with the same respect and truthfulness either way.”

“I have continued to go to Skip as an adult. I would not ever think of going anywhere else. When you find an attorney that cares about his clients as Skip does, having compassion but yet will tell you the truth straight forward you stick to the best. All my legal business will always go to Albert (Skip) Potter II. If anyone tells me they need to find a lawyer, I tell them to go see Skip if you want the best.”

-Jarid B.-

“Skip represented me after I was falsely accused of child sexual abuse. I was charged in the Wood County Common Pleas Court with three felony counts of sexual battery. I always felt confident with Skip. He was always available for me and was able to answer my questions. He readily returned my phone calls. Skip aggressively defended me. My charges were dismissed prior to the jury trial.”

 -Steve J.-

“Our family retained Skip to represent our son who had been falsely accused of child sexual abuse. My son had been charged with rape and could have received a life sentence if convicted.

From the beginning Skip put our family up front as his priority. Skip listened to us and he believed in us. He accepted our cause and made it his own. His dedication to my son and our family was beyond the call of duty. 

Skip was very open and honest with us and always kept us informed of the progress of our defense. We never waited for an appointment or a return call. Skip was approachable and always willing to listen. I know he felt our pain.

Skip was a self starter and very motivated to defend our son. Skip did his own investigation that included personally interviewing the prosecution witnesses that our son had been falsely accused.

Skip was always confident in his representation of our case which we attribute to his knowledge and wisdom. In the courtroom Skip was firm in his beliefs that we not negotiate a plea but defend the case against our son. We were offered a plea bargain which Skip recommended we reject. We refused the plea bargain and the case was later dismissed. Our lives would have been ruined if my son would have been convicted. Skip saved my son’s life.”

 -Name Withheld-

“I have known Skip for a number of years and would highly recommend him to anyone that is in need of an attorney. He has helped me out in the past on an assault charge as well as DUI’s. There doesn’t seem to be anything he can’t handle nor does he shy away from anything. He goes above and beyond to explain everything and always returns phone calls. I would definitely give him a “five” star rating!”

 -Dave E.-