Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic Violence Defense

Being accused of domestic violence is one of the most difficult accusations you can face. In addition to the criminal penalties, your reputation and relationships can be damaged irreparably. One of the most heavily prosecuted criminal offenses, domestic violence cases can be highly emotional and stressful. Having an experienced domestic violence attorney, like Skip Potter, in your corner throughout the legal process can prove invaluable.

A conviction for domestic violence carries serious consequences that can greatly affect your future. Even if you have only been accused and not yet convicted of domestic violence, you are already in a difficult situation. Most people will assume you are guilty until proven innocent, and you can immediately be faced with some of the following consequences.

  • Being arrested and spending time in jail
  • Missing work due to the initial arrest
  • Damage to your personal and professional reputation
  • A temporary restraining order filed against you
  • Restrictions in your ability to possess a firearm

Domestic Violence Lawyers

From the moment you are accused, a lawyer for domestic violence can help you navigate the legal process and aggressively fight for your rights. In an emotionally charged situation, an experienced lawyer for domestic violence can help sort through the facts and focus on protecting you from further charges or consequences.

Whether you are innocent or guilty of the domestic violence charges, Skip Potter is committed to serving all of his clients as the best family attorney in Northwest Ohio. He will fight effectively, compassionately and aggressively for your rights. This includes obtaining dismissals for false accusations and minimizing the charges that you are facing. In all situations, Skip Potter is the domestic violence lawyer who can help you get the best outcome in your case.

Located in Bowling Green, Ohio, the law office of Skip Potter is a renowned lawyer for domestic violence in Northwest Ohio.  If you reside in the Bowling Green, Findlay, Napoleon, Perrysburg, or other areas of Northwest Ohio, you have close access to one of the more revered and proven domestic violence attorneys in the region. Skip Potter has represented clients in misdemeanor and felony domestic violence cases, including:

 Assault and Domestic Violence

  • Simple assault
  • Assault and battery
  • Aggravated assault and battery
  • Stalking and harassment
  • Restraining order violations

For additional information about the Law Firm of Skip Potter and the benefits of retaining the services a family law attorney, please visit our Firm Overview.

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