General Litigation

Skip Potter has an established track record of handling trial matters ranging from simple disputes to complex commercial litigation, including the following state and federal areas of interest:

Commercial Litigation

Skip Potter’s commercial litigation experience encompasses all aspects of commercial relationships including contracts, business litigation, partnership/joint venture disputes, and shareholder issues. His strategic advice is offered with the understanding that his clients have a broad range of business needs and concerns to take into consideration throughout litigation and arbitration.

Business Lawsuits

When your business faces a lawsuit, it can have a significant impact on your bottom line. In cases where your business’s future hangs in the balance, trust the experience of Skip Potter to understand your business needs and come to a swift and fair resolution. He handles every case with the intent to minimize the risk while maximizing the benefit for his clients.

Breach of Contract Claims

A breach of contract occurs when one party does not fulfil their side of an oral or written agreement. If you find yourself or your business in a breach of contract dispute, you need more than a general attorney in your corner; you need the expert experience of Skip Potter. Skip will take the time to understand the details of your case and provide the best legal defense possible. 

Personal Injury

From car accidents to slips and falls, personal injury lawsuits can arise from any injury accidents that occur on commercial or private property.  Skip Potter has been defending clients in personal injury cases for over 30 years. With an honest and compassionate approach, Skip will give clients a straight-forward assessment of what can be expected from the claims and litigation process. 

Estate and Trust Litigation

Losing a relative or loved one can be difficult and complicated. When you throw in litigation, those emotions are compounded, and finding a resolution can seem impossible. With Skip Potter you will have an experienced litigation lawyer to guide you competently through the process. Skip’s honest, straight-forward approach helps to calm heated negotiations, and his practical, sometimes creative, problem solving helps to resolve the case in your favor.

Divorce Litigation

Even the most amicable divorce can lead to litigation when you begin discussing spousal support, division of property, custody of children and child support. When mediation or arbitration has failed, trust Skip Potter to handle your case with an aggressive commitment.

 Real Estate Litigation

The stakes can be high and long lasting when dealing with real estate litigation. Skip Potter has experience handling all aspects of real estate cases while representing buyers, sellers, commercial and real estate developers, lenders, brokers and landlords, just to name a few.

Construction Disputes

There are a multitude of issues and complexities surrounding building projects big and small. With his strong experience in real estate and contract law, as well as in-depth knowledge of regulation and legislation, Skip Potter has the skills to help his clients effectively negotiate and come to a favorable, cost-effective settlement.