Verdict: Not Guilty - 6/8/2018

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated or OVI claimed 405 lives in the state of Ohio in 2017. There were about 279,000 enforcement stops, out of which there were about 10,000 OVI enforcement. Many of these have been attributed to teen drunk driving. This year there have already been 380 fatalities car crashes, 30% of which were OVI-related.

The Problem:

Over the years, OVI-related crashes and fatalities due to teen drunk driving have been on the rise in Ohio. Even though 10% of the licensed drivers are under 21, they account for over 13% of OVI-related fatalities. The Ohio DUI laws distinguish teen drunk driving as UDD (underage drinking and driving). The legal limit for blood alcohol level concentration (BAC) for drivers over 21 years is 0.08%, but a UDD can be triggered by a BAC of 0.02%. Penalties for 1st offense DUI can range from 3-6 days of jail time to a fine of $250 to $1000 and license suspension from 6 months to 3 years. A DUI conviction in an underage also carries 4 points on the driver’s record. A skilled DUI attorney can help provide the best defense against OVI. He/she will recognize the felony, charges and the penalties that come with teen drunk driving.   


Let’s consider that a public defender is also capable enough to handle DUI conviction and DUI defense. However, the best DUI lawyer knows about OVI and its related intricacies inside out. They will not only be able to assess the situation from the point of view of the traffic officials but also the judges. So which DUI defense lawyer gives the best results? Always go or the ones who not only have the most experience in OVI cases but also the rights and interests of the offender. The best DUI lawyer will take a critical but aggressive stance on teen drunk driving. One who is familiar with all facets of Ohio DUI laws. One who is presumably a member of the American Trial Lawyers Association and the Ohio State Bar Association. A myriad of social and personal pressures can make a teen commit OVI. The DUI attorney would be aware and sympathetic towards that. The best lawyer would provide DUI defense against the Ohio DUI laws regardless of how dire the circumstances are.


The case against drunk teen driving can be charged on several grounds; breath test, serum test, previous traffic and criminal records, the level of BAC, etc. The DUI attorney might appeal for a higher breath test. For a 1st offense DUI, the DUI attorney might appeal to the lack of prior OVI records and the level of alcohol in the bloodstream. To clarify, it is not illegal for an underage person to drink and drive. However, the level of BAC has to be lower than 0.02%. For a DUI conviction, the state would have to prove that the defender was impaired by the consumption of alcohol. Therefore, the best DUI attorney would first attack the results of the breath test. He/she will then question whether or not the defender was impaired by consumption of alcohol and whether the case even registers as an OVI by the Ohio DUI laws. 

The extra mile:

DUI conviction for teen drunk driving is a serious offence under the Ohio DUI laws. However, an expert DUI attorney has a number of tricks up his sleeve to help his/her client. They will do a thorough investigation and preparation to gather positive evidence to present at the hearing. They can call for motions to curb evidence from the state on grounds of deficiency in proof and reprehensible handling of field sobriety tests. If everything fails, the best DUI attorney can negotiate for a reduced sentence even in high tier blow, which signifies a BAC of over 0.17%.


In short, the Ohio DUI laws are strict specially on teen drunk driving. But the best DUI attorney will always have a trick or two up his sleeve in order to protect his client. They are dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of their client, examining every piece of evidence that the state produces against the presumed innocent and prevent it from being used. They will burden the prosecution to have all charges dropped. But if the case is too severe, they will always be capable of settling a lesser sentence with the state. 

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